Welcome Dr. Rena Xian to join Molecular Pathology and Hematopathology

Dr. Rena Xian joined Molecular Pathology in May 2018. Dr. Xian was formerly a director of the molecular diagnostics laboratory at UCLA, where she was also a faculty in hematopathology. As technical director of the molecular laboratory, Dr. Xian oversaw the validation/launch of numerous assays, including a NGS test for hematologic malignancies, IGH, IGK, TRG, and TRB clonality assays, IDH1/IDH2 mutation analysis, and cell-selection for bone marrow engraftment, and the transition to Beaker LIS for molecular pathology. Dr. Xian’s research focuses on molecular characterization of hematologic malignancies, in particular B-cell lymphoma, and the application of molecular techniques to clinical oncology. Dr. Xian led two whole exome sequencing projects at UCLA for AML/MDS and prostate cancer, and was also involved in an NIH UH2/UH3 phase innovation award evaluating a novel electric-field based platform for ctDNA detection. Dr. Xian will further her research in B-cell lymphoma at JHMI by studying prognostic and predictive lymphoma genomic profiles, and continue clinical and teaching services in molecular pathology and hematopathology.