Welcome to new neuropathology faculty member Jonathan Ling

We are excited to announce that Jonathan Ling, Ph.D., is now an Assistant Professor of Pathology at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. His areas of expertise are bioinformatics, RNA splicing, neuropathology, and genetic engineering. Dr. Ling completed his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 2010 with a focus in Tissue Engineering. In 2017, Dr. Ling received a Ph.D. in Pathobiology from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine for identifying the role of cryptic exon repression in neurodegenerative diseases. From 2017-2020, Dr. Ling joined the JHU Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute’s Distinguished Fellows Program to study retinal alternative splicing using large-scale archives of next-generation sequencing data. Dr. Ling joined the division in December 2020. He is interested in leveraging bioinformatics and genetic engineering to develop novels tools and therapeutics for neurodegeneration and gene therapy delivery.