Kudos to Bayview Phlebotomy – JHM Award Winner!

Our Bayview Phlebotomy staff was awarded a Clinical Collaboration and Teamwork Award by Johns Hopkins Medicine at the Second Annual Celebration of Clinical Excellence event for their efforts to implement a new laboratory information system for inpatient and outpatient phlebotomy on the Bayview Campus.

The staff was very closely involved in the initial planning for SoftID®.  Phlebotomy staff met with coordinators from SCC Soft Computer in October 2015 and detailed their concerns and hopes for a new system.  We were able to modify the system based on their requests.  The staff at Bayview relies greatly upon the “Language of Caring” culture, and it was very important for them to express this in our service.  Our phlebotomists made many suggestions that would make the system better for the units–and not necessarily for themselves.  One suggestion that was later adopted was the need for phlebotomists to also see RN Collect or Unit Collect draws.  They wanted to be able to see and draw them if they could help.  Our staff is so excellent!

With the new system, our team is able to draw more patients faster because it allows us to track and monitor patient orders, collect samples, and reschedule draws.  The phlebotomists are continually monitored through a global system in which Pathology measures collections per hour per phlebotomist.

We were extremely excited to be nominated by the larger institution and to win the award for our work.  Our phlebotomists truly represent “The Best of the Best”!!!


Holly White, MT(ASCP)
Pathology Supervisor, Phlebotomy
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center