Farewell to Dr. Yi Ning

Dr. Yi Ning joined Molecular Pathology in March 2013 to serve as the Director of Cancer Cytogenetics Laboratory. In the past five years, the Cancer Cytogenetics Laboratory has validated and extended its FISH testing menu to including HER2 reflex; ROS1, MET and RET, in addition to ALK, for lung cancer FISH panel; and FFPE FISH to detect ETV6 and EWSR1 rearrangements. Dr. Ning also focused her research on molecular characterization of unusual but recurrent chromosome translocations in hematological malignancies. In collaboration with Dr. Wheelan’s group and Dr. Salzberg’s group, she has led projects to characterize a NUP98-PHF23 fusion in acute myeloid leukemia (Ho et al, Leuk Res 2016), as well as novel translocations in T/myeloid mixed-phenotype acute leukemia (Pallavajjala et al, Leuk Lymphoma 2018). As of April 1, Dr. Ning has moved to Cornell Pathology. She will remain as an adjunct faculty with Hopkins and still can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].