Blood Bank’s Lab Week Celebration!

This year’s Medical Laboratory Professionals Week theme was “PAC LAB – Take your Lab to the Next Level!”

Transfusion Medicine went all out this year with a spirit week, Pacman-themed desserts, and a little healthy competition.

The Transfusion Medicine Team was divided into six groups named after the ghosts in the Pacman game. Each team member earned points for their team by dressing up according to the daily themes like accessories day, crazy socks day, team color day, retro day, and alma mater day.

Another way to earn points was by participating in amusing games such as baby picture game (guess who is in the baby pic), scavenger hunt (find Pacman-themed pictures hidden all throughout the lab), and two truths and a lie (guess which of the three statements is a lie).

Points were awarded for games, which included Pacman and lab-related word search and the Green Team Initiative Test, for donated food and shoes, and for Pacman-themed desserts.

Transfusion Medicine collected a total 587.69 lbs of food for the Maryland Food Bank and 123 pairs of shoes for Soul to Sole.

The final team scores were:

Blinky: 995
Inky: 1164
Pinky: 848
Clyde: 727
Sue: 818
Funky: 1249

Congratulations, Team Funky!

We had such a wonderful Lab Week. A big shout-out to the committee: Concetta Capoen, Jessica Curra, Karaleigh Leonard, Lorraine Blagg, and Ruth Umali. Thank you to our management, transfusion coordinators, laboratory technicians, and clinical laboratory scientists for all the team work, effort, contributions, and involvement to make this year’s PAC LAB extra special!