SCC SOFT Super Users Training Feedback

Recently many of our Clinical Laboratory scientists, leads, specialists, and supervisors took the initial SCC Soft Lab Super Users training. These Super Users will be testing the system for accuracy in the months to come, enabling them to be a “go-to person” or “expert” in their area when Pathology goes live with SOFT on November 3, 2011.

The following “Super Users” gave us some feedback about their training experience:

For those of us who have used PDS for many, many years, Soft seems a bit overwhelming. The training truly was the tip of the iceberg. In time I’m sure it will become second nature for everyone.

Christina Constantinou
Clinical Lab Scientist II, Johns Hopkins at Green Spring Station

I think the training was great. It provided a basic understanding of the Soft Lab system and its functions. We also had enough time to ask questions and practice what we learned. This training may help me to more easily understand the Soft logic when I train on the upcoming outreach module, Soft Web.

Bill Hartlove
Manager, Pathology Outreach

Just thinking about changing something that you are already used to is scary – that was my feeling about us going forward with SOFT. But as I was listening to our trainer Desiree on the Super User training, I realized it’s not scary after all. We went through the training without a problem. Everybody was so eager to learn how to navigate the new system. The enthusiasm of the Super Users was an affirmation that we can DO IT! To Desiree and the Builders – AWESOME JOB !

Vilma H. Saavedra
Clinical Lab Scientist IV, Core Lab

I can say that the SOFT training and the new Soft System is an advanced and better way to the computer system in Pathology Department. The training under Desirée was great. Although everybody was new to this system, the detailed and step-by-step procedures and exercises made it more simple. The idea of the weekly exercises/quizzes is awesome, too.

Jonathan Martin
Clinical Lab Scientist III, Core Lab

The SOFT training was very thorough. Desiree was a superb trainer! She introduced everyone to the SOFT environment and allotted time each day for the Super Users to become comfortable with each entity taught via scheduled practice time. Her calm and pleasant demeanor allowed her to keep everyone (quick-paced learners vs. slow-paced learners) to keep up with our daily goals and objectives in a timely fashion. The entire SOFT team did a great job with regards to “working out” any glitches that arose throughout the duration of the scheduled training course. The implementation of SOFT will allow the Pathology Department LIS users to become more efficient in our job function while catering to a sizeable and diverse patient population when the new clinical building opens in 2012. Great job, SOFT team! I can’t wait to utilize our new and improved LIS program.

Kathleen T. T. Lewis
Supervisor, Immunology Laboratory

I would say that the training was thought through by the manufacturers. Desiree, our trainer, did a wonderful job in showing us on a step-by-step process how to tackle the daily tasks we will be tackling in the future. Most of this training should be integrated for the end user training. Awesome job to the builders, also.

Gay Vergara
Supervisor, Core Lab, Evening Shift

I agree with Gay. The SOFT training was very thorough. Desiree did a great job in training and the builders were very helpful in assisting us through the exercises

Daria Sembrat
Technical Specialist, Hematology Lab

The classroom was wonderfully organized with everything needed for an effective training environment. Each student had a spacious workstation with a new PC and easy access to barcode and laser printers. Training was hands-on for every activity. Desiree, our SCC instructor, was excellent at explaining the basics and took time and paused for deeper discussion to enhance our understanding. Every class ended with an assignment and time to practice and ask questions of the instructor or any of our SCC Build Team, who were lurking in the back of the classroom. As the days passed, understanding of SCC logic and nomenclature melted away the mystery and the anxiety of this powerful LIS. The system will change how we do what we do which really means we have great opportunities to build our lab even better!

Greg Gerhardt
Chemistry Supervisor, Core Lab

Overall, I think that Soft is going to be a welcome addition to the lab. Besides being able to view multiple screens at once, the ability to see the previous result when entering a new result allows the technologist to quickly see any outliers before verifying. It may be a bit of a learning curve to get acclimated to the new system, but having training similar to what the Super Users went through should fully prepare everyone for the “go live” date.

Bryan Chesnick
Laboratory Specialist, HIV Advanced Technology Lab

My SOFT training was really amazing! There’s a lot of new information that I’ve learned from my one week of training with this new lab information system. As a Super User, the goals were precisely met as expected. I do like it basically because the system was patterned to Microsoft. Thanks to our trainer Desiree for the wonderful job she did. She has unbelievable patience, especially for those who cannot cope right away to the task and was very professional. With this newly acquired system for sure we can provide much better, faster quality service to our patients, clinics, and affiliates.

Bruce Clarete
Lead Medical Technologist, Core Lab