How to Keep Your PC Safe

Is It Safe???Your PathLAN Support Group is always here to help if you have any problems. Please do not hesitate to call (410-955-1105), e-mail ([email protected]), or page (410-283-1187). We have made a reminder list for you to help KEEP YOUR PC SAFE.

If you do the following, it will help to make your PC safe and make our job much easier.

  1. Do not share your password with anyone.
  2. Log off of your PC every night.
  3. If your PC is not in a locked room, please log off when you leave the workstation.
  4. Report any suspicious e-mails requesting personal information.
  5. Do not open any e-mail attachments from anyone that you do not know. NEVER open an attachment with .exe extension without contacting us first.
  6. Save your data to the central PathLAN server (in the secure Meyer Basement computer room). This is backed up nightly.
  7. Save your work to the server before you walk away.
  8. Do not save iTunes on the server.
  9. Your PC will automatically update your virus definitions.
  10. Be careful not to spill drinks on your keyboard.
  11. Only use the UPS that we provide for the computer and monitor.
  12. Your PC should be on a PC stand if it is located on the floor. Please let us know if you do not have one.
  13. Make sure there are no wires on the floor that you can trip on. Please let us know if they are so that we can help make it safe.
  14. Use encrypted flash drives. Make sure that the flash drive does not contain your only copy of a document. If a file on your flash drive is lost, it cannot be recovered.
  15. If you use a personal laptop for work that may have sensitive information on it, please ask to have it encrypted.
  16. Please do not let your family use your work laptop for entertainment.


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