Microbiology Celebrates Halloween at the Children’s Center

It’s a yearly tradition in the microbiology lab: collecting goodies and toys for the kids, assembling treat bags, delivering and distributing the bounty to the children at the Children’s Center Halloween event!

This year was no exception. We collected enough goodies and toys to fill 220 bags, a big box of larger items (coloring books, stories, craft activities) for the kids, and a large container of pretzels donated to the hard working emergency room staff.

A huge THANK YOU to our generous donors, our team of treat bags makers, and our courageous treat distributors, dressed in costume, as they delivered the bags to the children’s rooms with a guide provided by Child Life.

Treat bag makers (L to R)
Ellen Barnes, Gail Willis, Helen Cheung, Melissa Amy, Mattie Milchling, Luz Vallido
(not pictured: Shawna Lewis)
L to R: Paula Mister, Carrie Holdren-Serrell, Ellen Barnes
Treat distributors (L to R)
Mattie Milchling, Marissa Totten, Carrie Holdren-Serrell