Pathology Provides a Festive, Abundant and Happy Halloween at the Children’s Center

Pathology tables at the Trick-or-Treat Parade.

Once again, Pathology contributed a generous supply of candy and other treats, small toys, and many other items for the Halloween Trick-or-Treat Parade at the Children’s Center on October, 31, 2019.   Over 150 children and siblings attended the event!

Filling two tables, there were over 300 treat bags of candy and small toys, a large container of pretzels, and larger items such as coloring books, crayons, costumes, Play Doh and stuffed animals.  In addition, over 60 noncandy treat bags were made for children who could not have sweets.  Nurses from units with children who unable to attend the parade picked up bags to take back to their young patients.  Child Life specialist Annie Woods Beatson coordinates the event and always expresses her gratitude for Pathology’s plentiful annual participation.

A number of us dressed up to give out the treats — see the photos!

From left, Jane Whaley, Brandon Ellis, Teresa Healy, and Jennie Dodd.
From left, Kristi Beers, Rachel Hicken, Missy Geahr, and Kate Uhteg.
From left, Brandon Ellis, Jimmy Bourdas, Carrie Holdren-Serrell, Marissa Totten, Linda Gluck, Ann Hanlon, and Teresa Wakefield.

Our Thanks

Many thanks to the great team of volunteers who helped assemble the treat bags:  Chelsea Camara, Barbara Smith, Missy Geahr, Melissa Amy, Marissa Totten, Michelle Hall, Malyn Maloney, and Shawna Lewis, and to all who dressed up and gave out the goodies to our young patients.    Thanks so much to everyone who contributed in some way to give these children a Happy Halloween!


Paula Mister, MS, MT, SM(ASCP)
Educational Coordinator