Fun Fest a Success!

In 2007, the Anatomic Pathology Employee Engagement Focus Group (EEFG) was formed as a result of staff feedback from the Gallup Employee Engagement survey.

AP staff in their Halloween costumes at the Fun Fest

The membership and purpose of the committee evolved over the years. The current EEFG committee members focus on helping others. What better way to encourage each other than by giving back to our own Hopkins Community!

The first event selected was “Fun Fest 2010,” which was held in the Weinberg Auditorium on Friday, October 29, 2010, from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Working closely with the Hospital’s Child Life Director, Patrice Brylske, the goal for this event was to provide toys, books, and games for children to play with during treatment at JHH. The committee also staffed a table (with more candy than you can imagine!) in Hope Forest so that hospitalized children would have the opportunity to “trick or treat”. The Anatomic Pathology staff and faculty donated $1,000 in cash and over $2,000 in toys, books, and candy for the children.

Some of the many items donated to our pediatric patients

Inspiring our co-workers to share with others connects each of us on a deeper, personal level, far beyond our daily work. While our daily work contributions are very important, when reaching out to help others, we connect in a different way. A personal connection at work gives us a greater sense community.

Members: Chairperson Anita Hopkins, Tavon Whitty, Karen Wittler, Katina Williams, Antwanette Cobbins-Boyd, Meredith Hodgin, Aneesah Tahir, Christina Cooney; Nichelle Gray, Linda Harper, and Tamia McCalip.

Upcoming event: “Feeding Families, One Can at a Time” supporting the Bea Gaddy Family – deadline November 24, 2010.

Arlene Prescott
Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratories
Department of Pathology