Pathology Billing

Shirley Myers Manager with her Pathology Billing team

At 9910 Franklin Square Drive in White Marsh, there are 32 busy Pathology employees performing the duties of medical billing for the Department of Pathology. Whether working on a patient’s registration problem, posting a payment, updating an insurance claim, following-up with the insurance company for payment, or making sure we send a clean claim out the door according to the policies of the Johns Hopkins Clinical Practice Association and the billing rules for Medicare (CMS), our goal is to perform these tasks efficiently and effectively.

Our team is made up of a manager, an assistant manager, two supervisors, ten collection specialists, two company account collection specialists, four payment posters, nine billing coordinators, a charge entry specialist, a claims specialist, and a patient quality assurance specialist.

Although there are multiple small groups who do billing for various divisions such as the Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratories, the Green Spring Station Laboratory, the Johns Hopkins University Reference Laboratories, and Professional Fee Billing, we all work together to maximize the revenue for the Department of Pathology.

Among our other duties, we also bill for other Departments such as the IVF Laboratory at Green Spring, the Genetics DNA Laboratory, and Dermatopathology.


Shirley Myers
Manager, Professional Fee Billing Office
Department of Pathology