Several Reflections of Our LIS Implementation at Suburban Hospital

We started our McKesson journey in August of 2009 when five of us went to Georgia for training on Horizon Lab. I remember someone from McKesson saying that some sites had taken up to two years to complete the conversion. I thought, “Wow — two whole years! That’s not going to be us!”

With the limited number of staff and space available, we could only work one day a week on the build. I changed my thinking to “This does not look good.”

Now, 21 months later, on May 3rd, 2011, we have finally arrived at the end of our McKesson Journey (with a few hiccups) and we did not take two years! I knew all along we could do it!

Marie Moninger,
Core Lab Supervisor
Suburban Hospital

It’s truly a blessin’
For the Lab attended every training session.
The training kept us guessin’
But we went live with McKesson.

Oh my. you say!
Was everything okay?
Well, not everything went our way.

Oh my, did it work?
Well, we may have had a quirk,
And I may have called McKesson a jerk.

But at the end of the day,
Some wanted to stay
To make McKesson work our way.

Evette Braenovich
Marketing Representative
Suburban Hospital

If any reader would like to contact me regarding our McKesson conversion experience, please feel free to leave a comment.

Deborah Z. Aird, MT(ASCP)
Administrative Director
Laboratory Services
Suburban Hospital
Bethesda, Maryland