The Bad Old Days

Eleanor Taylor served as the manager of the Chemistry Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins Hospital for many years.   

Eleanor Taylor
(1924 – 2014)

Mrs. Taylor began her career at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1950 and worked here until she retired in 1986.   She was a highly respected and much beloved woman who greatly contributed to the present day Core Lab. Mrs. Taylor worked her way up from staff member, assistant chief, supervisor, and educational coordinator to lab manager.   During her career, she worked with the faculties of Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University) and Essex Community College to establish the first programs for medical laboratory technicians.   She taught clinical chemistry to those students and supervised their rotations through the Chemistry Lab. She was also very active in the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

Several years ago we published several blog postings taken from a speech Mrs. Taylor gave to her staff in 1980, six years prior to her retirement. The copy of the speech was shared with us by her good friend and colleague, Mary Jo Bill, supervisor of the Special Chemistry Lab, who retired in 2013. As clearly evident in the title, “The Bad Old Days,” Mrs. Taylor had a marvelous sense of humor, as well as being an excellent communicator. Things have changed dramatically here at Johns Hopkins since those “Bad Old Days.” Learn about the “Bad Old Days” by opening the link at the bottom of this page.

On May 6, 2014, Mrs. Taylor passed away at the age of 90. Her passion for chemistry, education, and helping others should always be remembered.   It is because of people like Mrs. Taylor that our Laboratory has moved forward and become even greater.

TheBadOldDays by Eleanor Taylor (pdf file)


Renata Karlos
Staff Assistant
Johns Hopkins Pathology