Upgrading the Differential … CellaVision DM96

The Core Lab has a new tool for peripheral blood film analysis, the CellaVision BM 96 from Sysmex.

The CellaVision uses a peripheral blood smear to perform an automated differential cell count based on user-defined limits.  The scanning unit, consisting of a motorized microscope and camera, provides digital images that can examine for WBC, RBC, and platelet cell morphology.   The powerful computer program pre-classifies the white blood cells into cell types for technical review.  With the click of a mouse, a technologist can review all cell images, perform a platelet review, and document morphology in less than minute.   During increased work volumes, the Core Lab can use the remote analyzing station in the Oncology Hematology Lab to verify patient testing.  This is also a way for our labs to confer on difficult cell classifications without the need for slide transportation.

The technology used by the CellaVision is an important regulatory compliance tool, ensuring consistent cell classification among technical staff and providing on-line reference images for all cell classifications. For the busy hematologist and pathologist, the device and software permit distant viewing of slide images as if they were in our lab looking through a microscope.   Ergonomically, the CellaVision eliminates the need for manual microscopic reviews, thus decreasing staff eye fatigue, lower back stress, and wrist sprain.   All around the CellaVision is the perfect complement to the Core Lab’s automation system.  We are looking forward to adding upgrades for cytospin analysis and virtual slide applications in the coming months.

The Core Laboratory and Pathology would like to thank the Johns Hopkins Women’s Board for its generous financial support which was instrumental in bringing CellaVision technology to JHH.

Danna Anderson, MT (ACSP)
Technical/Operations Supervisor
Core Lab Hematology

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  1. Danna,

    Very nice review of the Cellavision technology and capibilities. This new technology will allow physicians much more rapid access to vital cell morphology for front line diagnostic support.

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